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Soft collection
If one reacts wrongly, even slight payment delays can often lead to an early break-up with the customer. But today one
can go the opposite way, continuing the customer relationship and exploiting the customer's potential with a sensible
approach in highly competitive markets.

With an intelligent dunning process and prefessional communication, CBR can turn customers with slight payment
delays into valuable customers with strong customer bonding.

•In the soft collection process, we specifically seek dialogue with your customer and in your name.
• Our specialists have a command of all topographical and social languages, using classical, digital and mobile communication forms.
• At an early stage, soft collection offers much greater added value than a premature hard debt collection.
• Exploring the reasons for delayed payment enables reaction with suitable solutions.
• Accompanying a customer in a difficult situation leads to strong subsequent loyality.
• Customer relationships remain intact, allowing successful follow-up business.
• Boosting cash flow whilst keeping the customer highly satisfied.